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A Therapeutic Service where Relationships are Nurtured


I work with individuals or any combination of people who are affected by difficulties that impact on their well-being or relationships within the family. It is a collaborative process where we set goals and I then facilitate conversations that are transparent, reflective and respectful.

My work may start with the impact of everyday problems on people’s lives. Personal and interpersonal problems often arise when people become disconnected – from their own bodies, feelings, beliefs or sense of purpose, or to others’ – in relationship, community, culture etc. Often the aim of therapy will be to establish re-connection in people’s lives, wherever it seems necessary to experience fulfilment again.

In this process I may gently guide clients to think about how they experience and express their feelings and expectations, to become more conscious of their patterns of relating to others, the stories they tell about themselves and others and how this impact on relationships. I will then support and guide clients to develop new insights and skills in managing their feelings and communicating their needs and feelings to others.

Some of the difficulties I can help with:

  • Conflict and relationship breakdown
  • Behaviour problems
  • Depression and/or Anxiety and the impact on the family
  • Bereavement / Dealing with Loss
  • Recovering from trauma (eg. abuse, violence etc)
  • Addiction and the impact on the family
  • Self-harm and suicidal thoughts
  • Challenges related to Adoption or Foster Care

See more about Systemic Therapy and how I approach difficulties in families here.

I offer this service from my practice in Grantham, but will also see clients where they would feel most comfortable, for example in their own homes, via Skype or a setting that will be most beneficial to the work.