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A Therapeutic Service where Relationships are Nurtured


I offer consultations to professionals (individuals or teams) who work with children and/or families who are facing specific challenges. This may be in the form of one-to-one reflective conversations or reflective group supervision.

I help professional teams (social workers, teachers, care staff) to consider their work from a systemic perspective – which may include broadening the explanations we may have for what change is necessary and what change can look like. It also includes thinking about how we as professionals and people influence our clients and the influence they have on us.

Individual consultations can be set up in person, via phone or Skype.

I also offer consultations to foster carers or adopters, either as individuals or in groups.

This is a space to broaden one’s understanding of what certain behaviours may mean, what may be contributing factors and what more helpful responses may look like.

I can also offer psycho-educational groups, based on particular need, for example specific groups for parents/ carers of children who self-harm; parent-to-child violence (NVR), etc.